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Chartered Structural Engineer

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Structural engineers inspections and reports for: mortgage purposes, insurance claims, subsidence damage, structural wall and roof damage and distortions, fire damage and vehicle impact damage.

Structural Engineers Reports

Preparation of structural calculations and drawing plans for submission to obtain Building Regulation Approval.

Building Regulation Applications

Preparation of structural designs in timber, steel, reinforced concrete, masonry, reinforced masonry for superstructure and foundation schemes. Preparation of the structural calculations and general arrangement drawings.

Structural Design

Investigations of building structural defects and distortions, (subsidence, sagging floors, roof damage, bulging walls), and providing proposal and recommendations for repair works.

Structural Defect Investigations

Structural advice and feasibility of modifying buildings, simple openings in load bearing walls, extensions and loft conversions and appraisal of load bearing construction.

Building Modification and Conversion

Evaluation and assessment of existing ground conditions for new developments, extensions and conversions, together with foundation recommendations and designs, (trench fill foundations, ground beam and pad foundations, pile and ground beam foundations).

Site Investigations

Structural Engineers Services

The practice provides a range of structural engineering services, which typically include:

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